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No. 1 Gas Stove-HOB Service Center In Jaipur. Sit back, relax and let us take care of your Gas Stove – HOB repair service in Jaipur. Our skilled Technicians are trained to spot the issues and repair various types and brands of HOB Gas Stoves. 

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Gas Stove Repair

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Pin City Service Repair Care

Gas Stove-Hob Repair | Best Service Engineers in Jaipur!

Pink City Service Repair Care will bring an experienced technicians to your home. Our technicians can troubleshoot and fix various electrical Gas Stove- HOB faults:

  • Gas Stove Cleaning Service
  • Replacement or Repair of a faulty Burner
  • Gas Stove Repairing
  • Changing of hob switches and knobs
  • Cook Top Service Repair
  • HOB Cleaning Service
  • Replacement of limiters
  • Replacement of faulty touchpad
  • Repair or replacement of Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
  • And many more!
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The Plates Doesn’t Heat Enough or At All

This is one of the most common issues we have to deal with when we are called on a hob repair job. Broken switches, defective heater, or damaged wiring can all be the culprit when the appliance isn’t reaching the desired temperature or fails even to start heating. A faulty thermoregulator can also explain the issues with heating. Our experienced field engineers will determine the cause of the problem and take competent actions to repair your hob. If any defective part needs to be replaced, its cost will be added to the fixed service fee.

The Temperature of the Hob Cannot Be Adjusted

There is a widespread situation with electric hobs – the temperature stays high when the appliance is turned on and doesn’t change despite what you do with the settings. If a cooktop is turned on and the heat level cannot be adjusted, it could be the result of a defective ignition switch. To find out if the problem is with the switch, turn off all the switches, unplug the appliance and then plug it into a different socket. Turn on the hob and try adjusting the switch again. If you still cannot modify the temperature, then you definitely have a faulty switch. Call our skilled service engineers to replace the defective part and fix the problem with your hob.

Benefits of Booking Appliance Repair Near Me

    •   Hob repairs 7 days a week
    •   Experienced and reliable repairmen
    •   Same-day bookings are possible
    •   Rely on us in an emergency situation
    •   Fixed one-off fee for our hob repair service
    •   Take advantage of wide service coverage
    •   Book as anywhere in London